GOVERMAT, Multi-level governance of critical materials for future electric mobility, 01.01.2022 – 31.12.2025

Project work packages & objectives:

WP1: Multi-level governance, stakeholder and business ecosystem analysis of CE of CMs

  • Perform comprehensive multi-level governance, stakeholder and business model analyses of CRMs essential for future electric mobility.

WP2: Critical material flows

  • Provide a holistic system-level overview of key material flows and value chains.

WP3: Future of critical raw material

  • Present critical appraisal about the demand and supply of critical materials and circularity advancements in the future.

WP4: Sustainable processing of critical metals

  • Develop economically viable and sustainable process concepts for the CE of CRMs for electric mobility.

WP5: Outreach and stakeholder engagement

  • Identify potential emerging business opportunities in the CE of CRMs for electric mobility.
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